China Expert

My China Journey

I'd like to take you to the many wonderful places I've been to in China since my first visit to Beijing in 1989. I regularly travel to China these days to work with local business partners and investors, as well as hosting delegations of investors, SMEs and entrepreneurs from around the world.. 

Think Global: China Edition Preview

Here is a preview of the Think Global: China Edition series. By watching this brand-new series I'm going to teach you why every business (big and small) must have a China strategy. I will teach you simple changes you can make right now to make your existing business a magnet to wealthy Chinese consumers.
And, if your ready, I'll show you the right way to expand into China and how to reach and sell to millions of people. Please check for more videos.

China Through My Eyes


As a regular visitor to China, and an avid collector of images and photos, David has created this short video of China through his eyes.