Episode 2: How To Deal with Hierarchy in China

I find it fascinating to observe the lengths that the Chinese will go to respect and give face to their elders, leaders and seniors. The fussing and detail that goes into the seating arrangements at meetings and dinners, the line up for photos, the gift-giving, the number and order of speeches, the decision-making process

It’s always important to observe these rituals and embrace them with the enthusiasm and respect they deserve. And, if you’re hoping to do a business deal, it will give you important clues as to how business gets done.

Watch now for some do’s and don’ts for foreigners trying to navigate thehierarchy in China.

Episode 1: How to Build Relationships in China

There is a story about a traveler who found that, in order to be welcomed into an eastern family, he would be asked to take three cups of tea. The first cup was taken as a stranger, the second cup as a friend and, if he was offered a third cup, he would then become part of their family. A place where trust was given freely and unconditionally, and from which he would forever be looked after.

My China Year in 2016

2016 was a busy and eventful year for me in China. I made 6 different trips during the year to various Chinese cities and worked with our local business partners to build new links for investment, business and trade. I was also a keynote speaker at various conferences and events, including the Ovations speaker showcase events in Melbourne and Brisbane. I hope you enjoy my "China Year in 2016", an assortment of photos and video clips taken throughout the year.

My China Journey

I'd like to take you to the many wonderful places I've been to in China since my first visit to Beijing in 1989. I regularly travel to China these days to work with local business partners and investors, as well as hosting delegations of investors, SMEs and entrepreneurs from around the world.. 

Think Global: Middle East Edition Preview

Many countries make up the Middle East and its economies range from free market to government-led socialist. There's clearly much to learn in doing business in this region and there are many opportunities to be found. Join David Thomas in this exciting show Think Global: Middle East Edition. Please check brin.ai for more videos.

Think Global: India Edition Preview

India's economy is among the largest in the world. It has a multi-lingual, and multi-ethnic society. There's no denying the diversity displayed by this country. Now you may be wondering what this means for business owners. There's only one appropriate answer for that and it's opportunity. Learn how to take advantage of this opportunity with David Thomas in Think Global: India Edition. Please check brin.ai for ,more videos.

Think Global: China Edition Preview

Here is a preview of the Think Global: China Edition series. By watching this brand-new series I'm going to teach you why every business (big and small) must have a China strategy. I will teach you simple changes you can make right now to make your existing business a magnet to wealthy Chinese consumers.
And, if your ready, I'll show you the right way to expand into China and how to reach and sell to millions of people. Please check brin.ai for more videos.

China Through My Eyes


As a regular visitor to China, and an avid collector of images and photos, David has created this short video of China through his eyes.