Fitzpatricks China Study Tour 2018

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Bulletin 1

Firstly, welcome to the Fitzpatricks Study Tour to China from 15th to 19th September 2018.

Thank you for committing early, sending in your booking form and paying a deposit which has enabled us to get started with the planning and logistics so that we will be well organised and ready by the time we get there.

Future Bulletins

This is the first of a series of pre-departure bulletins which I will be sending you in the coming months to prepare you for the China Study Tour in September. In future bulletins we will cover:

  • Details of the Study Tour program as it comes together
  • Who you're going to meet
  • Hotel and domestic flight bookings
  • What to wear and what to bring
  • Applying for your China Entry Visa
  • Final costings and the timing of your final payment
  • Some pre-reading to prepare you for the experience

If you are making plans to arrive in Beijing before the Study Tour commences, please note that we will be staying at the CITIC Hotel Beijing Airport on the night of Saturday 15th September to enable us to drive to Mutianyu Village the next morning (Sunday 16th) for the start of our Study Tour program. If you are planning to arrive in Beijing that day, you may consider flying on QF107 from Sydney which arrives in Beijing at 10.15pm. The hotel is just a few minutes drive from the airport and we will organise a transfer for everyone who needs it.

As a first action for you, please can you reply to this email confirming:

  • how and when you plan to arrive in China before the Study Tour commences, so we can keep track of everyone and organise transfers from the airport for those who require it.
  • whether we should include any other family members in our flight booking MU5114 (China Eastern) from Beijing to Shanghai on the afternoon of Tuesday 18th September, departing at 2.00pm? Unless you say otherwise, we will book one seat for each person registered on the Study Tour.
  • please can you send us a copy of the photo page on your passport so we can see exactly how your name is written and can include your details in all flight and hotel bookings?

Finally, I know that for some of you this will be your first visit to mainland China so I thought some early pre-reading for you might be my new ebook "Three Cups of Tea" which provides some advice and guidance for foreigners seeking to build new relationships in China.

Please download it via this link and send me your comments and feedback.

I will be in touch again soon but, in the meantime, if you have any queries, please send them to and we will reply as soon as possible.

Best Wishes, 

David Thomas
Think Global Consulting