China expert helping Australian small businesses and entrepreneurs invest in China

Written by Tess Sanders Lazarus, Daily Bulletin

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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across Australia are reaching out to China in the hope of being a part of the country’s transformation.

According to David Thomas, founder and President of the Australia China SME Association (Association), “China will become a puzzle for every entrepreneur, investor and business leader throughout the world” “The country is investing heavily in science and technology,...

Australia China Business week 2017

Hosted by Australian Business Forum

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Delighted to be chairing the lunch forum at Australia China Business Week 2017 now into its 10th year.

China is the biggest eCommerce market in the world and it is supported by a highly complex ecosystem found nowhere else. For those who want to enter, the key to success is to understand each eCommerce platform’s infrastructure and capabilities before entering.

Boundless Plains to share - Australia's agribusiness partnership with Asia - century 21

Produced by One Mandate Group || The Australian Farmer

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Throughout the last generation, Asia has become the fastest growing region on Earth, with hundreds of millions of people entering...


China Ready success

Hosted by The Business Centre

We would like to thank our insightful guest speakers Cher Jones our China Ready Expert in Residence and David Thomas from ACSME (Australian China SME Association). 

The event is a first of many China business events and programs we plan to deliver in 2018. We see big potential for the Hunter to initiate better partnerships with Chinese business and create opportunities across the innovation corridor from Mid Coast, Hunter and to Central Coast.