Think Global Consulting facilitates business and investment transactions between:

• the owners of Australian and Chinese medium sized businesses and projects, and 

• private investors and entrepreneurs in China and Australia

We work across different industry sectors, notably in food, healthcare, education, tourism, real estate and services sectors.


Our projects proceed in 3 stages:

Phase 1 - Situation Analysis and Strategy Development - understanding the project, business and/or investment opportunity from a Chinese perspective and building a plan to source and attract Chinese investors , partners or companies.

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Phase 2 - Implementation and Facilitation - developing the offer document, marketing collateral and introducing Chinese investors and business partners, and managing the relationship(s) to the point where a successful deal can be done.

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Phase 3 - Execution - negotiating the deal, reaching agreement and handling the transaction process (due diligence, lawyers, accountants, logistics etc.)



For phase 1, we develop a strategy for the project designed to answer the following questions:

• who might be interested in the project (ie who are they? where are they? what is it about the project or opportunity that is likely to interest them? do they already have Australian connections and experience? what do they already invest in? what is their motivation?)

• what are the drivers and hot buttons for this particular project that will attract them? (ie what are these hot buttons and how can they be highlighted/articulated to attract and appeal to a Chinese investor or business?)

• how do you reach them? (what’s the process, who needs to be involved? what are the steps?)