The four BRIC countries present diverse opportunities and challenges for investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders.
But how much do you know about the huge potential of
Brazil, Russia, India and China?

Thought Leader

BRIC and China Expert, Entrepreneur and Thought Leader, David Thomas is well known in the Asia Pacific region for his experience, credibility and passion for identifying, building and facilitating business and investment relationships between developed and emerging countries. David regularly appears in the media and speaks at Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and in Boardrooms around the world. 


As a highly sought after speaker and business futurist, David Thomas engages audiences with his authority, experience and passion for the economic power-houses of the 21st Century, new global hotspots, emerging markets, and business and economic trends. His unique value lies in his personal insights, anecdotes, observations and case studies and his ability to show business leaders, investors and entrepreneurs how to profit from a fast changing world.

Mission Leader

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Think Global has a long history of leading successful business delegations, missions and study tour programs to Brazil, Russia, India and China. This requires not only a deep understanding of local cross-cultural issues and business practices, but also a strong and trusted network of business connections and centres of influence in all of these unique and diverse markets.


We engage with entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders to facilitate trade and investment within the Asia Pacific region. Our clients engage us for strategic advice on market entry, fund raising and business development, and we successfully manage investments into attractive industry sectors, including Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, Tourism and Financial Services. Our approach is open, collaborative and focused on delivering results.