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With rapid and unprecedented economic growth over the past 30 years, China's influence on the future development of innovative technology, the shape of both old and new industries, the way in which business gets done and the design of forward looking investment portfolios, is going to create many challenges for private wealth managers as they strive to deliver above average returns for their clients

With this in mind, David Thomas, CEO of Think Global Consulting, led and organised a China Study Tour for the senior wealth advisers of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth, an Australian based independent financial advisory group with over 75 advisers and a total of A$5 billion of funds under advice. Many of the delegates were on their first visit to China.

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China represents a unique opportunity to the rest of the world driving wealth
and prosperity across the globe, and simply cannot be ignored.
— David Thomas, CEO, Think Global Consulting
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If you or your company would be interested in talking to us about organising your own study tour program or getting some assistance with your China strategy please contact us at