On a fast train to Shanghai


Another day, another bullet train! This time from Nanjing to Shanghai, a journey that would have taken many hours (if not days) 20 years ago can now be covered in just 90 minutes, thanks to the white, sleek, rocket-like trains that glide at over 300 kms per hour across shiny, sturdy rail tracks, stopping at spacious, air-conditioned modern stations which look like more like airports than the antiquated stations that were built at the advent of the steam train.

China’s new modern rail network is reinventing the concept of domestic travel, for both business and pleasure, connecting their first and second tier cities at a rapid rate, facilitating easy, comfortable and reliable travel at an affordable price, and supporting the notion of an economy on the move, if not travelling at breakneck speed!

These new trains, with their plain white colouring, and discreet blue stripes, are unlikely to foster a culture of train-spotting amongst young Chinese boys with a flair for numbers and record-keeping. It’s hard to detect a single distinguishing feature between one train and the next as they speed by. But they are keeping the country moving forward, setting an example in modern infrastructure development and, most importantly, ensuring we reach our destination on time.