Hire an International Student!

There are over 150,000 Chinese international students in Australia, many from prominent and/or wealthy Chinese families who choose for various reasons to send their only child to Australia to further their education.  At the end of their studies, many of these talented young students are keen to stay on in Australia to gain work experience, learn the western ways of doing business and to continue to work on their English language skills. Unfortunately, very few of them succeed at even getting an interview at an Australian organisation and, when their visa expires, they have to return to China.

In my opinion, this is a terrible waste of an opportunity for Australian organisations, particularly those who would be wise to improve their Chinese capabilities and connections. These Chinese students have bilingual and cross-cultural capabilities and, in many cases, have high level family connections in China. Yet they literally slip through our fingers!

When you walk around the campuses of metro and rural universities, it takes minutes to notice the large number of Asian students. These smart, capable and highly qualified young people are potentially a great asset to Australia and we need to find ways to attract, recruit, nurture and train them in Australia.

Isn’t it time to refine your recruitment policy to seek them out?