Managing Risks in the BRIC Countries

In December 2011, I was invited to speak at the annual Conference of Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA) in Sydney, an opportunity to discuss corporate governance and risk mitigation, and to prepare their members for some of the challenges that lie ahead for Australian (and other) companies that seek to do business or invest in the four "BRIC countries".

In my presentation, I addressed the three common challenges associated with conducting business in emerging markets:

  • Corruption
  • Credit Risk
  • Cross-Cultural

I believe that Company Secretaries have a vital role in preparing their boards, management and staff for the complexities and challenges involved in doing business offshore, and from those I spoke to afterwards, my presentation raised issues which require more focus and attention.

A summary of my presentation was published in the Feb 2012 issue of "Keeping Good Companies", the official publication of CSA.

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