Africa - the "last great emerging market"

In what some are calling the emerging market century, Africa can truly be considered the last great emerging market. Consider that the African continent, the second largest in the world covering 20% of land mass, is home to approximately 15% of the world’s population, and that its GDP is higher than that of India and similar to both Russia and Brazil. By 2050, one in five people in the world are expected to live in Africa, and by 2030, 50% of Africa’s inhabitants are expected to live in urban areas. Increasing rates of urbanisation, labour force growth and higher productivity are leading to improved economic fundamentals, with 2010 being the 16th consecutive year of GDP growth across the continent.

Africa, in short, is a compelling investment story with a substantial growth trajectory. Please click here to read about the 10 Reasons to invest in Africa an article which appears in this month's Super Funds magazine.

My clients, African Alliance, will be in Australia during the week of 19th September 2011 and would be pleased to meet with Private Family Offices, Investment Institutions and others who have an interest in learning about the African investment opportunity. African Alliance have a 20-year track record, total assets of US$800 million under management (excluding private equity) and over 300 people on the ground across the continent.

Other reasons to meet with African Alliance:

  • Their focus is purely on Africa. They do (and have done) nothing else.
  • They have numerous complimentary business areas within the group, including asset management, securities trading and research, private equity, microfinance, corporate advisory, insurance, direct investment etc..
  • Over and above their pan-African capabilities, they have local on-the-ground asset management operations in 5 countries. They run 26 mutual funds within these countries, in addition to the usual mix of institutional mandates.
  • They are wholly owned by management and staff. Their success is directly tied to Africa.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the investment markets of Africa and to consider the potential of investing in this important emerging region. To set up a meeting, please contact me on 02-9267-1488 or send an email to