Shanghai - a modern first tier city

After spending the last week exploring western China, and their emerging 2nd tier cities, its nice to come back to Shanghai to see where it all began. Shanghai is the last stop on our Australia China 2.0 Trade Mission and, having travelled to 6 cities in the last 7 days, it will take some time for me to work out exactly what I make of it all. I must have collected and given out over 300 business cards over the last week, and the characteristics and attributes of each city are already starting to blur!

However, there is no doubt that China is the key market for anyone with a 10 year time frame or more. Getting it right in China will be the difference between success and failure in the coming decade, and its no longer enough to confine your thinking to the eastern seaboard only. Western and Central China now have ambitions that will transform China into a country that will lead the world in so many areas. A country of over 1 billion people living in clean and modern cities, with world class infrastructure and planning, high levels of productivity and economic growth, innovative new industries in IT, sciences, finance and manufacturing, and a thriving services sector. Wouldn't you want to be a part of that?

As we've travelled through China and read about the debt crisis in the US and Europe and riots in London, its easy to ask yourself "will China make all of the same mistakes as their predecessors?" Probably! But that won't be for a long time yet!