Speaking tonight at the Executive Global Network

The Executive Global Network is an independent knowledge sharing network, specialising in both national and global knowledge sharing among executives around the world. The Australian network is run by Peter Hocking.

Tonight will be a combined meeting of the EGN CEO group, the CFO group and the Young Executive group, with members of the Newcastle Executive group also attending.

I will be addressing the group tonight on the importance of CHINA for Australian businesses:

"In the next few years, China will overtake the US to become the largest economy in the world, with the other "BRIC" countries (Brazil, Russia and India) joining them in the top 5.

Never before has Australia been so close to the countries that are shaping the future of global trade, investment and economic growth.

Whether you are raising capital, expanding offshore, or looking for business growth, you can't ignore the emerging economic powerhouse on our doorstep. Australia's economy is now inextricably linked to China; not just in the export of our resources - smart and forward-looking businesses will be looking to take advantage of the opportunities that are now presenting themselves in all of the BRIC countries."