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Think Global supports Australian Business Forum over a number of events and programs throughout the year. Australian Business Forum is an Australian independent non-political organisation that supports Australian businesses wanting to do business in China and elsewhere in Asia. 

ABF Programs:

1. Australia China Business Week

Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, China

Each year, I chair Australia China Business Week, which is a major annual business event established by Australian Business Forum (ABF) in 2008. ACBW seeks to build a platform for Chinese and Australian enterprises and individuals to learn about the latest economic and business trends, meet the potential partners and take their business to the next level. ACBW provides an effective communication channel for businesses from both Australia and China. It focuses on the SME sector which depends more on external resources, partners and platforms when seeking opportunities in international markets. The aim is to create a credible business platform for businesses and investors from Australia and China to connect with the right contacts and have access to timely information on the opportunities in these two countries.

ACBW 2015 was expanded further to include the inaugural Business Mission to CIFIT in Xiamen, where over 60 delegates, representing a wide variety of industries, flew the flag for Australia on the global stage for investment. ACBW 2016 will be presented in the major cities across Australia and China.

To find out when ACBW will be presented in your city in 2016, click here 

2. China Online Conference

Travel the Digital Silk Road - Melbourne and Sydney

China Digital Conference is a unique event that provides learning and business opportunity for business looking to increase brand awareness in China, improve their understanding of China's online and social media marketplace, develop an ecommerce platform, optimising online search strategy and engaging with the Chinese market is a low cost and effective manner. How does an Australian company learn about the new platforms and media emerging in China? What is the nature of China’s current digital marketing landscape? How can brands use channels such as Weibo and other online marketing tools to engage with Chinese consumers?

It is well known that China has the world’s most active environment for social media, making it a must for Australian companies to incorporate digital marketing into their strategic planning when entering or expanding their business operations in China. If you are considering doing business in China, having a competitive, all-encompassing online presence is absolutely essential. 

To find out the program for 2016, please click here.

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